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Guide for Young Social Entrepreneurs

The idea for this guidebook arose from the various planning sessions that took place prior to the implementation of Global Knowledge Partnership’s program – Youth Social Enterprise Initiative (YSEI). The authors, who are also founders of the program, saw the need for a guidebook that could serve as an aid for young and emerging social entrepreneurs who wanted to start innovative and sustainable ventures.

In a world where only one out of every thousand innovations prospers, new ventures or startups face similar prospects. Social enterprises face the added weight of creating blended values (social, environmental and economic) while attempting to stay afloat in markets driven solely by economic returns. This makes social enterprises unattractive to traditional investors because of the promise of low returns on investment. As a result social enterprises are continuously challenged to achieve their mission while having access to a limited amount of resources.

If you’re one of the thousands of entrepreneurs who have great ideas but are unable to turn them into action, consider this manual a rough guide on starting your own social enterprise. We have broadly outlined all the common strategies, tactics and elements involved in planning your venture and getting off the ground. In addition, we have endeavored to bring clarity to the concept of social entrepreneurship and identify various resources that might become handy in your explorative journey.

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This is a wonderful guide! Well done!