Board Development

From the "Organizational Effectiveness" Series

This manual provides nonprofit community-based organization board and staff members with new insight and specific tools and resources for building an effective board.

Specifically, it explores the roles and responsibilities of board members, focus on the difference between governance and management, examine the importance of board selection and composition and provide models for orientation and training of board members. Finally, the manual addresses strategies for responding to board changes and assessing the effectiveness of both the board and the CBO.

Upon completion of this manual, learners will be able to:

  • State the role of nonprofit boards.
  • Identify the major responsibilities and obligations of individual board members.
  • Identify strategies for strengthening the board’s composition and structure.
  • Explain the working balance between board and staff members.
  • Identify useful tools and resources to enhance the board’s effectiveness.

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Good overall resource -


Good overall resource - covers all the basics