What Works: Scojo India Foundation

Restoring eyesight in rural India through the direct selling of reading glasses

This case study is part of the World Resources Institute "What Works" series on effective social enterprises around the globe. In the case, the authors examine Scojo Foundation and identify the key drivers that make its social enterprise program successful in India. The resource provides analysis of the Scojo business model, market environment, successes, challenges and potential for replicability. The authors conclude that Scojo's success is a function of its carefully designed organizational and operational strategies.

The Scojo case provides an example of how partnership and franchise models for social enterprise can integrate stakeholder interests throughout an organizational structure to pursue rapid growth. The case discusses Scojo's approach to establishing "win-win" partnerships and providing its sales force of "Vision Entrepreneurs" with incentives to extend its model. Not without its challenges, the resource further documents the barriers to taking the model to scale. For social entrepreneurs seeking to leverage partnership and franchise models, the case offers a series of strategic considerations.

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