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Social Enterprise Business Planning Tool by Social Traders

The Social Enterprise Builder is a step-by-step guide on how to build a social enterprise. This guide is written for anyone wishing to understand more about social enterprise and how to start one. The Builder is an online, interactive tool that guides you through a rigorous business planning process, which underpins the future success of a social enterprise.

This comprehensive guide is structured in seven stages. In each section, you will find a number of downloadable worksheets and templates to help you develop your social enterprise idea and turn it into reality:

Stage 1: Understanding – Understanding social enterprise
Stage 2: Inspiring – Social enterprise case studies
Stage 3: Exploring – How to generate ideas
Stage 4: Focusing – Focusing and developing the idea
Stage 5: Designing – Conducting a feasibility study to flesh out the enterprise idea
Stage 6: Pursuing – Writing and pitching the business plan
Stage 7: Implementing – Executing your business plan and bringing the enterprise to reality

This resource requires registration to access, which provides you with a personal roadmap that shows you the sections and activities you have started and completed.

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Super useful!


This online tool is fantastic--it takes you through all of the necessary steps to creating a social enterprise business plan.