Discovering High Value Food Commodities for BOP Farmers Living in Tropical and Arid Lands

Booker T. Whatley (1987) showed small farmers in the United States how they could make a great deal of money and lower risk by growing “High Value Food Commodities” on “Pick-Your-Own” farms. In this paper I provide some ideas on how high value food commodities can be developed for the most poor so that they can work their way out of extreme poverty. In particular, this paper describes how Non-Government Organization (NGO) personnel can contribute to the food security and income of small-scale Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) farmers by identifying high value food commodities as well as by providing the necessary information, supplies and training. A table is given which provides the business planning required so that BOP farmers and can become productive and earn more money. Examples are given for hot humid lowlands (Colombia), tropical highlands (Uganda and Peru), and tropical monsoon areas (Haiti).

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