Pot-in-pot Enterprise: Fridge for the Poor

Mobah Rural Horizons, producer of the pot-in-pot products which is widely termed as the ‘fridge for the poor’ is based in Kano, Nigeria. The region lies in the desert scrubland and is inhabited mainly by poor subsistence farmers living under the influence of fundamental Islamic culture. The poverty of the region is further compounded by the fact that all the farmers produce similar farm products which stifles exchange. The region lacks basic infrastructure like roads and electricity which forces farmers to sell their farm produce at cheap prices with substantial parts of their produce spoiling before they get into the food distribution chain. Clearly, a way out of the problem is providing access roads to link them up with the urban markets or, providing electricity so that the farm products could be stored to prolong their shelf life.The pot-in-pot preservation/cooling system was invented mainly to help rural farmers preserve their farm products.

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