America Forward: Invent, Invest, Involve

America Forward: Invent, Invest, Involve is a briefing book intended for candidates and policymakers at all levels of government, and for citizens who have high aspirations for our country and are committed to creating social change. We seek to put forward fresh thinking about problem solving that can appeal across a multitude of divides to unite our country and help take us forward.

In communities across our country, the most serious problems we face in education, healthcare, workforce development, and many other areas are being solved. Contrary to popular beliefs, solutions—often invented by social entrepreneurs—exist for almost every problem in America. Somewhere in America, social entrepreneurs are enabling children in under-resourced communities to catch up with their middle income peers. Somewhere in America, social entrepreneurs are training young adults for high-quality jobs. Somewhere in America, social entrepreneurs are mobilizing citizen volunteers for the vital work of disaster relief, public health, and community development. These entrepreneurs draw on the American wellsprings of optimism, ingenuity, and resolve that have made our nation an economic leader. Unfortunately, too many people and communities across the United States lack access to these powerful solutions. Th e charge we share—as leaders and as citizens —is to find and grow existing approaches with proven results, and to support innovations that have the potential to create significant change. By taking these solutions to scale, we could transform our nation.

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