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Ashoka’s Changemakers Lens: Changemakers is an online initiative designed to source and accelerate innovative social solutions from around the world. Its transparent, open source model allows anyone to explore and engage with innovators through collaborative challenges that address the world's most pressing social problems. During each thematic challenge, Changemakers fosters a global community of thought leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts who facilitate a robust exchange of ideas and opportunities. Judges select 10-15 finalists, and the Changemakers community votes for three winners.

The criteria below demonstrate the Ashoka lens of social innovation and how it applies to evaluate initiatives across sectors around the world. Please note that Changemakers does not require significant financial information in order to make these assessments, and therefore does not specialize in analyzing detailed financial data or projecting revenue streams. This said, the following initiatives are opportune examples of companies/organizations with a social mission, in the expansion phase, with potential for scale and strong absorption capacity.

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