Advancing Social Entrepreneurship

Recommendations for Policy Makers and Government Agencies

Advancing Social Entrepreneurship introduces policymakers and leaders in government agencies to social entrepreneurship as a new way to address old problems. Given the traditional role of the government in responding to market failures—and the $1 trillion plus per year of federal funds dedicated to resolving domestic social problems— there exists a yet-to-be harnessed opportunity for government leaders and social entrepreneurs to collaborate to leverage public and private resources and to generate transformative, cost-effective solutions.

Policymakers and leaders in government agencies in the United States can use this paper as a primer on social entrepreneurship and on the new role that government can play in accelerating solutions to today’s toughest social problems. It includes 13 specific recommendations for government leaders seeking to strengthen the collaboration between social entrepreneurship and government at the city, state, and federal levels.
Government leaders outside of the United States may also find this paper worthwhile as an introduction. Although the paper was written with the American policy landscape in mind, the recommendations provided here offer examples of the steps governments can take to develop a more strategic and coordinated approach to unlocking the potential of social entrepreneurship.

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