seToolbelt is a collaborative forum where social entrepreneurs can collectively tackle challenges they face when planning, starting, managing, and growing their social enterprises. The goal of seToolbelt’s Collaborate feature is to enable practitioners to solve common problems together, and in doing so create new social enterprise resources, best practices, guiding principles, and methodologies to benefit of all practitioners and their supporters.

seToolbelt has two distinct collaborate programs: Practitioner Innovation Communities and Social Enterprise Capacity Building Labs, and plans to add Collaborate features such as online discussion groups and wiki capabilities for participatory writing, editing, and crowd sourcing.

Practitioner Innovation Communities

Practitioner Innovation Communities (PICs) are online and offline working groups dedicated to developing issue-specific tools and resources for social entrepreneurs. The mutual desire to address common social enterprise problems or “pain points” catalyzes the formation of a PIC.

Once the group is established, members engage in collective problem-solving and community-based resource design. seToolbelt’s role is to facilitate the PIC process and in doing so, greatly reduce the work burden on participants.

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Social Enterprise Capacity Building Labs

Social Enterprise Capacity Building Labs are intensive year or multi-year special interest projects directed at strengthening the capacity of participants while solving complex technical questions in social enterprise.

Capacity Building Labs are comprehensive programs that involve working directly with practitioners in developing countries to build capacity of social enterprises through methodology development and implementation. Similarly to Practitioner Innovation Communities, the Labs produce technical resources for social entrepreneurs. However, unlike Practitioner Innovation Communities much of the work is conducted offline and expert technical assistance is an integral part of the program.

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